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Senior Photography


All Packages Includes Unlimited Outfit Changes And Digital Files With Printing Rights.

Level 1- $185              

      Level 1 includes 1 hour of studio time.  This session is a good choice if you are looking for a photo to put in the yearbook.  You will receive 5 edited photos and printing rights.

Level 2- $365              

       Level 2 includes 1 hour of studio time and 1 hour of Lowertown location shooting.  This is a great well rounded session.  You will receive 15 edited photos along with printing rights.  

Level 3- $525              

        Level 3 is a great choice if you are looking to get creative with your senior photos.  1 hour of studio time and 2 hours of Lowertown location shooting.  You will receive 25 edited photos along with printing rights.

Level 4- $750

        Level 4 is great if you want a stress/think free senior session this is the level for you.  With this level you have 1 hour of studio time, 2 hours of Lowertown location shooting.  You will receive 30 edited photos along with printing rights.  We make things simpler for you this includes: 150 wallet photos, a customized wallet photo box  and an 8x10 image folio.  

What a huge milestone! 

This is an exciting time and a perfect opportunity to capture this experience in a young adults life.  We want to give you and your family lasting memories while capturing this moment in time.  We excel in giving each session a unique touch to fit every individual.  With our studio in Lowertown St Paul we have hundreds of options literally walking distance from our indoor studio. 

Want something a little different?  No problem we can meet you anywhere in the Twin Cities that you prefer.  Keep in mind Lowertown has A LOT to offer.  With the river nearby, architecture, parks, nature reserve, Saints Stadium and city backdrop Lowertown is very versatile. 

Along with the photography session we also have unique printing options available.  See below for more details.  As always with MiaZu photography you are also free to take your digital files wherever you would like and have them printed.

A la carte options for printing through MiaZu Photography:

Image Folio starting at $80

Customized Wallet Photo Box Starting at $50

5x30 Collage Starting at $40

Customized Wood Box Starting at $75

Luxe Wallets Starting at $1.50 each

Large Prints Starting at $100

Graduation Party Invites Starting at $1.00 Each

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